Why you should use a bifocal lens.

A bifocal lens has two parts with different optical abilities. The top segment is usually for distance vision while the bottom segment for reading (corrects near vision). The two segments have different focal lengths. Due to this, it is possible to achieve near perfect clear vision in all distances. The following are the benefits of bifocal lenses and frames from our favorite website.

Due to presbyopia, a condition that causes you to have an unclear vision and inhibits your eyes from naturally changing focus, bifocal lenses are recommended in fixing the problem. This condition is as a result of aging and is commonly reported in people above 40 years. At this age, the eye lenses become less flexible. Presbyopia is also reported among people who are not above 40 years but is mostly due to lifestyle or genetics.

Eye teaming/ Focusing problems.
Bifocal lenses are very effective for people with eye teaming problems. They help the eyes work as a single unit thus achieving the comfortable vision. People with eye teaming problems complain of words moving when reading. This makes reading difficult and may also cause blurred vision, headaches after reading or double vision. Eye teaming problems makes reading difficult but can be easily fixed with bifocal lenses.

This condition is also defined as nearsightedness. A person suffering from myopia sees near objects clearer than distant objects. This is because light focuses in front of instead of on the retina. A myopic patient sees near objects as normal and far objects as blurry. Research has proven that bifocal lenses help by improving the focusing needs of the eye.

This is the opposite of myopia and is also referred to as farsightedness. Here, the light is focused behind the retina instead of on the retina. With this condition, a person sees distant objects clearly than near objects. Bifocal lenses have also helped people with hyperopia greatly.

Occupation/ Hobby.
The bifocal lens helps enhance performance when doing a particular job. A good example is a bifocal golf lens. This helps the golfer with focus when playing. Other occupational bifocal lenses are also prescribed for a television producer, a construction worker or a mechanic. The only difference between an occupational bifocal lens is where it is placed on the eyeglass. It is important to state your occupation or hobby sometimes so that you can get a prescription of bifocal glasses that will work perfectly with the occupation.

Two prescriptions in one.
With a bifocal lens, you are able to solve two problems with only one pair of glasses. This helps accommodate eyes that are both myopic and hyperopic. Having different pairs of glasses can be a nightmare. Constantly changing glasses can lead to loss or damage of the glasses.

This condition affects how the eye focuses light on the retina causing blurred and distorted vision. Due to this problem patients complain of headaches and eyestrain and can also make driving at night quite difficult. Bifocal lenses are the easiest solution to this problem since other methods like surgery can be costly and completely distort the shape of the eye permanently.