Why a wedding must have flowers

Every girl dreams of a good wedding day. Being the center of attention, and being surrounded by beauty the way you envision it. Wedding flowers are such big parts of your special day and sometimes do not get the attention they deserve in the planning stage. Blooming buds are not only for center pieces and can make such a huge impact if used creatively.


From unusual little arrangements on your church pews to the ever great bouquet, floral influence has changed through the years. The provisions are so abundant and different. There are good old classics with roses and carnations; the more contemporary methods include single stems in the major graceful vases. If you’ve decided to add flowers to your wedding at the last minute, Houston florist delivery should probably be able to pull through for you.


Another interesting center piece idea that has become increasingly popular because of its romantic appearance is the dunking of blooms. Stems are attached to the bottom of a chosen vase and the entire stem including the bloom is covered in a gelatin based product, and the result is a floating appearance that takes your breath away. If you couple this idea with soft lighting is exceptional.


Different colors and blooms have different meanings, so if you are so inclined, you can plan your color scheme around these meanings. Although that is not something for everyone, most people plan their color around their taste. The choice of your arrangements will also factor in price, per stem the costs of different types of flowers vary considerably.


Roses are used through the years for its romantic element and are still employed in contemporary arrangements where it is coupled with exotic fillers or real old baby’s breath, the fine leaves of baby’s breath add depth to the romantic atmosphere. Roses though still in the top ten favorites for your special day are no longer a must have. Some people even opt for branches that bloom, or a single orchid that the guests can take with them as they are potted and alive.


Calla lilies with their large head add an elegance that an ensemble of small blooms will be hard pressed to accomplish, though not impossible. If your colors are white and gold, for instance, these lovely lilies will make an impact that will last you and your guests a very long time, the simplicity that can be achieved with the large lily is a great DIY factor if you choose to go that route.


Just remember that you need to have a theme or a color palette to work with before you want to decide on what types of blooms to consider. Are you looking for classic elegance with toned pastels or whites and gold? Or do you prefer bright colors like orange or even the more in-between shades? Just remember, no matter what color, what shade, what theme you are looking for, a florist will be able to give you a selection and arrangement idea to suit you.


Wedding flowers vary so much, types, methods, and prices that the only problem you will have is choosing from the wide selection available. With cases that vary in height shape and function, there is no doubt that whatever you want to put your flowers in will be as splendid. Your bouquet plays such a big part, make sure it reflects your personality and the way you feel.